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Drywall has become the staple building material for the interiors of buildings. It is a form of gypsum board, or plasterboard, that is durable as well as being quick and easy to install. It is also suitable for all areas of a room, including ceilings. We are able to offer drywall installation services, as well as offering a number of related services, such as insulation installation and exterior and interior painting.

While drywall is a great building material, there are times when it can suffer damage. For this reason, we also have a range of drywall repair services that are able to deal with any level of drywall damage.

About Us.

We are a residential drywall contractor that has been working hard to provide the best drywall services in Dallas for a number of years. We have a reputation for a service that is fast and affordable, and we do this without compromising on the quality of our work. As part of our commitment to quality we use recognized brands, and are able to carry out sheetrock repair and installation. As well as drywall hanging and interior remodeling, we are also able to carry out a wide variety of repairs. These are suitable for any level of damage, from drywall patches to ceiling repair.

It's no secret why we're Dallas, TX number one call for Drywall Repairs Near Me. We always give 100% customer satisfaction and and really great value with every client we've served. We always do our best to develop the best solution for you to provide the quality installation you need with out making you break the bank.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Community for the last two decades has been our greatest achievement thus far, and you have made it possible. Our client retention over the years has continued to increase because of our top notch service and we plan to keep it that way for many more years to come.

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    Our Services

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    We offer our clients a selection of drywall installation and repair services that are suitable for every interior construction and remodeling situation. We are experts at drywall hanging, and are also able to install spray foam insulation too, meaning any room can be both comfortable and look great year-round. We also recognize that damage can happen too, and so we have comprehensive drywall repair services for all situations. As well as drywall hanging and repair, we also have interior and exterior painting and decorating services that are perfect for getting your home looking exactly the way you want, both inside and out.

    Drywall Repair
    Drywall - Sheetrock Hanging & Installation
    Interior & Exterior Painting

    Drywall Repair.

    It is almost inevitable that drywall will need repairs from time to time. Accidents can happen, and damage can simply occur itself over time. No matter the reason, our drywall repair service is able to fix it in no time. We work hard to make sure that our services are as affordable as possible for our customers, and so our drywall repair services are proportional to the damage, meaning that we don’t carry out needless work. We are also able to repair stucco and plaster too! There are many reasons why your drywall needs repairs. You might notice a crack or hole that seems too big for the material. Perhaps you made a mistake and miscalculated the length of a nail or screw. Or perhaps the hole is so big that you have to cut it out entirely. Regardless, of what you do, repairing drywall is often a quick and easy fix.


    Drywall - Sheetrock Hanging & Installation.

    Whether you are building a home from scratch, or remodeling an old one, drywall is an excellent way to create a modern and stylish looking room in no time. We are able to provide a professional drywall and sheetrock installation service that suits all your needs. Our work teams are experienced professionals that are adept at drywall hanging, as well as installing it on other parts of a room too, such as the ceiling or soundproof materials. The main benefit of having your drywall professionally installed is that they are experts. They know what is best for your type of house and home. They can also install the drywall the right way every time, which ensures the drywall will stay in good condition for a long time. It's important to make sure you hire professionals to install your drywall because there is nothing worse than a faulty drywall installation.


    Interior & Exterior Painting.

    The fastest and most inexpensive home improvement project you can do to your home is an interior painting. By using paint you can instantly transform the appearance of your whole home or just a small room! Interior home painting is as fancy or as involved as you want. A home interior is not complete without painting and drywall finishing. We offer a wide selection of paints that are perfect for any room, regardless of whether you are carrying out bathroom remodeling or building a new home. We are also able to help with the modernization of a home and have popcorn removal and popcorn ceiling removal services. As well as the interior painting, we are also able to carry out exterior painting too.

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    Drywall Cracks & Holes
    Water Damage
    Spray Foam Insulation
    Drywall Tape & Bed

    Drywall Cracks & Holes.

    Drywall cracks and holes can occur for a variety of reasons, but we are equipped to handle these, no matter what the cause. We have drywall patches for minor damage, and are able to repair wall cracks and ceiling cracks with ease too. If you have a hole in the wall, this is no challenge for us either, and we can even deal with this quickly. As well as sealing cracks and other damage, we are able to redecorate it too, so the wall looks as good as new.

    Drywall repairs aren't always a one-step process. If you're doing it yourself, you should have a thorough understanding of drywall before attempting repairs. This is because certain types of drywall can be quite tricky to repair. It can also take a lot of time, especially if you need to repair areas that involve wiring, concrete, or other drywall features. It's usually a good idea to hire a professional if you have any doubts about whether your drywall repair can be successfully completed. Give us a call 469-908-1924 and we'll be out there to give you a hand in no time!


    Water Damage.

    Water damage is one of the most serious forms of drywall damage, and needs to be addressed quickly. It can allow dangerous molds to grow and even a small area of damage can quickly spread. For minor water damage, we are able to carry out mold removal and remedies to stop damp drywall from becoming a problem. For larger areas, we can remove the damaged section and, when the source of the problem is identified, we can repair the area quickly and easily.

    Water damage occurs in almost all structures, even if the building isn't constructed from concrete. It can be caused by a burst pipe, a broken water main, a malfunctioning hot water heater, a broken water main or other water damage. Water damage also refers to different potential losses resulting from water penetrating where it doesn't allow access of an affected material or mechanism by damaging processes like rotting, mold proliferation, de-lamination of materials for instance of plywood, rusting of metals like steel, swelling of rubber products, and others. It can also be caused by theft, by flooding, by fires, by vandalism, by war and terrorism, or by a combination of any of these. As you can see, damage caused by water is classified as water damage.


    Spray Foam Insulation.

    Insulation is an important part of any building. It helps to keep the building close to a comfortable temperature, regardless of the weather, and can save you a lot on heating and cooling bills. It also has other benefits too, such as providing a level of soundproofing. We are able to install spray foam insulation which is a great way to quickly and effectively insulate your building, no matter the size.

    Foam Insulation, also called sprayed foam or roll foil, is an artificial material which is sprayed into a structure to achieve some thermal insulation. This type of insulation is extremely durable, has high sound insulation, water vapor and heat resistance, and resistance to ozone. The foam can be sprayed into any flat surface with or without a hollow space. They are especially good for ceilings and walls. Some homeowners even use it in the attic.


    Drywall Tape & Bed.

    Bedroom finishing is very popular and if you are looking for a professional finish for a bedroom, taping can help you get that professional look you want. Taping is also referred to as drywall finishing or dry-wall finishing. In order to perform this application, you will need tape, wood screws, drywall anchors or studs, drywall tape, woodworking tape and bed membrane. You can purchase the tape, screws and drywall anchors at a local home improvement store. The tape and bed membrane can be purchased at a department store. Alternatively, you can purchase the tape, drywall anchors and finishing material at a home improvement center or other retailer. But why go threw all of that when you can give us a call today and have us take care of the whole process for you hassle free.

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    man is fixing the wall
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    As well as having a professional work crew, we also have a dedicated customer service team to help you with all your planning and decisions. When you call us, they are able to discuss what work you need done and help you find something that works for you, as well as organize when it is carried out. We are also able to help you deal with any repairs or other drywall queries you might have. If you are interested in our services, or are simply wanting to find out more, why don’t you give us a call today? Our phone number can be found on our website.

    “I had bought an old house and was looking for a kitchen remodeling service to modernize it, and get rid of the popcorn ceiling that had been there since the ’70s. The company were able to replace all the walls, and remove the popcorn in no time and the kitchen looks amazing now.” – Henrietta L

    “I had a basement that had been recently converted into a living space and was looking for a basement finishing service. These guys were able to carry out all the work in no time, and were able to do everything from hanging the drywall through to painting and plastering the room.” – Liam M

    “Our young son had been playing and accidentally knocked a light chair into the wall. it didn’t do much damage, but was still enough to leave a noticeable hole in the plasterboard. We called and they were able to send someone over who was able to get the damage sorted almost immediately. ” – Alexa A

    Drywall Texturing
    Popcorn Ceiling Removal 
    Mold Remediation 
    Wallpaper Removal

    Drywall Texturing.

    Texturing drywall is done with a paint roller and a trowel. Most texture may be done in three stages. First the area needs to be sprayed with a primer paint that gives the texture to the drywall. Next the texture may be added with either a brush or roller. The types of texture may be 'wet' or 'dry'. 'Wet' texture is when a textured paint is used when the wall has wet paint. If a wet texture is used, the texture will flake and will need to be scraped off before the drywall is painted, this is why you need a real drywall repair milton to get the job done right! The dry type of texture will stay on the drywall no matter what happens. It is usually best to use a 'scratch and sniff' sprayer to make sure there are no pieces of drywall left behind after texture has been applied.


    Popcorn Ceilings.

    Tired of staring at that God awful popcorn ceiling, we can remove it for you and re-texture the ceiling. It's quite possible that their might be asbestos in that popcorn ceiling and disturbing it will cause it to go airborne.  We will come out and assess the ceiling prior to removing the popcorn texture for everyone's own safety.


    Mold Removal.

    Mold remediation has been considered as the solution for the elimination of contaminated building materials, contaminated air, and other health hazards. This has been considered as the most economical and safe method to deal with contaminated areas in the long run. But unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. This is why mold remediation should not be taken lightly. In fact, there are health hazards involved in mold removal, remediation, and prevention. When we have any issues in Georgia for Drywall Repair Atlanta we give them a call


    Wallpaper Removal.

    If you're planning on painting over wallpaper removal, chances are the wallpaper is in fair enough condition that some repair work isn't needed. Unfortunately, drywall also damages easily. The paper can rip, the drywall adhesive can loosen, and a pointed stick can leave deep scratches and gouges. When ever your renovating your old kitchen and need a kitchen remodeler you should definitely consider using tiles instead of the old wallpaper. If you've tried several methods to remove the wallpaper or have just moved into the home, it's a good idea to get a professional opinion before trying to do it yourself. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you embark on this DIY home remodeling project.