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Drywall Tape & Bed Dallas, TX

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Before you begin taping, prepare the inside corner bead by shaving off any wood around the inside corner. This preparation will make it easier when placing the drywall tape. When measuring for the taping, it is important to follow the size of the drywall anchor and studs you will need. It is better to have more drywall anchors and studs than you need. This will ensure that the tape will remain in place and you won't cut into your drywall while taping.

Start by taping the inside corners and joint compound if necessary. Be sure to overlap the tape so the drywall will be covered. Tape the corners evenly. To hide the joint compound, you can internal drywall paper between the tape and the drywall anchors and studs. This can be done when the tape is wet or dry.


Professional Installation.

If your drywall knife isn't long enough to cover the entire area you need to repair, then you may need a tape roller or a utility knife. With the tape rolled tight against the wood, run the drywall knife along the tape, covering small gaps. Make sure the tape is tight but not too tight. This can cause the repair to crack.

To repair the seams where the two pieces of tape meet, pull the tape through the drywall joint compound and over the drywall edge. Pull it tight enough that the repair is tight enough. Use a drywall knife to pry the two pieces of tape from the drywall surface. You will probably need a tool like a drywall knife, an electric drill, or an adjustable wrench for this step. If the damage is extensive, you may want to replace the drywall panels. Never slide drywall near me back into place before repairing the sheetrock.


Drywall Finishing.

Before repairing bed seams or taping the drywall panels, you may also want to apply a clear tape protecting the bed from moisture. The tape can be secured at the bottom of the drywall or taped to the top for a finished look. It will protect the wood from moisture damage. It also makes it easier to see the damage if it occurs in the middle of the night. Drywall caulk can also be applied around the edges and the drywall joints for extra protection.



To begin repairing the corners of drywall, remove the damaged corner bead as well as any screws securing the drywall tape to the frame. Start by removing the damaged corner bead. Your drywall tape will have measurements for its connection points, so be sure to follow these directions. Apply the corner bead screw fixing the tape to the drywall with the drywall knife and then work your way around the frame until all the way around. Replace the drywall bead if it was removed.

Using a glue gun or a utility knife, firmly press the corners of the repaired area to make sure it is completely secure. Work slowly and gently to avoid damaging the drywall surface. Once you are happy with the repair, carefully remove the paper tape and put aside.

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