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Popcorn Ceilings Dallas, TX

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Until the late 1970's, popcorn ceiling treatments were made using an asbestos powder that was laced with dangerous chemicals. Asbestos, a naturally occurring silicate mineral, was once the material of choice for popcorn ceilings because of its fireproof properties and fire resistance. However, after that year's ban on the substance as a health threat, manufacturers quickly switched back to aluminum sheeting for their new popcorn ceiling treatments. Drywall contractors then started replacing the aluminum with drywall fiber, but even that did little to stave off the menacingly high costs of replacing the aging ceiling materials.

Repairing the ceiling, however, is now much easier than it used to be due to a number of advances in modern technology. It is no longer necessary to use high temperatures to bond the popcorn to the drywall compound, and that's a good thing if you are looking to save money on labor costs. In fact, there is little to no cost associated with applying the chemical compounds to the ceiling yourself if you don't want to hire a professional contractor. Instead, all you need is a few dollars in loose change and a few hours of time.


New Interior Look.

With so many homeowners today concerned with energy efficiency and wanting to do what they can to help lower utility bills, repairing popcorn ceilings has become a popular option. With just a few hours of work, homeowners can create an attractive textured surface that can be easily sealed to protect the wood from water damage and insect infestation. Most homeowners are under the impression that texture is unattractive, but this need not be true.

There are several benefits to textured ceiling surfaces. In addition to the ability to seal out moisture and dampness, the textured surface can also add a bit of character to a home. Texture adds a unique atmosphere to a space, and while popcorn ceilings have been around for decades, their benefits are coming into the limelight of modern home design. Textured ceilings not only add a unique flair, they can also be beneficial to your health.



One of the most common complaints of homeowners is the squeak factor. Whether you have a popcorn ceiling or not, squeaking is inevitable from time to time. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not willing to put forth the effort to purchase a scraper, purchase a paint clamp or spend the money to hire a contractor to make repairs. Rather than take on the task of scraping, many homeowners choose to install a paint scraper, which is fairly inexpensive but not very practical. Many homeowners prefer to skip the hassle of painting, though many health advocates are starting to recognize paint scraping as a potential threat to health.

The benefits of popcorn ceilings do not end there, however. In addition to adding texture, textured ceilings can also act as an energy-efficient addition to a home. Since the material is translucent, it absorbs and reflects light in a similar way that stained glass does. This means that the light entering a room is more evenly distributed, which can reduce the effect of brightness and minimize the amount of power used to light a space. In addition to improving the lighting in a room, textured ceilings can also help insulate a home from heat and cold. Because a popcorn ceiling has no load-bearing walls or floors, it can be highly insulated, making the space much more comfortable to occupy.


Asbestos Hazards.

Popcorn and stucco ceilings can also contain asbestos, a dangerous substance that is removed from construction sites when the work begins. Some homes build years ago still have ceilings made with asbestos materials, and lay dormant until disturbed. It's always advised to use proper PPE when removing popcorn ceilings for this reason and that only the technicians working on it are the only ones in the room to prevent injuries to other. Some buildings have had to be evacuated after being discovered to contain asbestos. If you suspect that your building contains any type of asbestos, you should contact a reputable asbestos removal company right away.

Whether you are getting a popcorn ceiling made with traditional methods, such as painting or stucco, or you are getting one made with a different method, such as using stucco or a different material, there are many benefits to installing a new ceiling. These include improving the appearance of a home by adding texture and depth. They can also add energy-efficiency by reducing the amount of power used to heat or cool a space. However, it is important to consider all of the installation benefits and weigh them against the installation dangers before deciding to install one of these roofs.

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